When I think summer reads, I think a book that pulls you in instantly and spits you back out when you close the book.

Kimberly Belle‘s Three Days Missing ($19.99, Harlequin Books) fits the bill. Three Days Missing follows the story of Kat Jenkins who gets the knock at the door that no parent wants – the police are there to inform her that her nine-year-old son is missing from an overnight camp in the mountains with his classmates. Kat rushes up to camp, but by the time she gets there her son’s trail has gone cold. We also meet Stef Huntington, who is the exact opposite of Kat: she has money, prominence as the wife of the Atlanta mayor and a popular son, Sammy, who is Ethan’s classmate and tormentor.

The story switches between the two women and we learn more about each of them as well as their sons and the history between the pair.

Three Days Missing was a fast, easy read. Belle did a great job of moving the story along. I did guess some parts, but the ending was still a surprise with Ethan’s side of the story heartbreaking and angering.

A copy of this book was provided by Harlequin Books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.