The featured image of How to Measure Everything is one of the many reasons why I love DK Books. They are so beautiful.

In How to Measure Everything, each double spread offers a different thing you can measure from volume and capacity to telling time and weight.

DK Books' How to Measure Everything offers a fun way to learn about math and measuring.
How to Measure Everything is so much fun.

In the length section, for example, you have some information about what length is, then you can open the flaps to learn how many pink pencils it take to make up a green one (two), or open a ruler so you can measure whatever item you have on hand. You can figure out height by opening another flap to learn it takes 15 meerkats standing on top of each other to get the height of a giraffe, while a blue whale, the longest animal on the planet, is about three big buses long.

Then you flip to the back page and an entire room pops up. The room, made of heavy-duty paper, has everything you have learned about throughout the book. There is a clock on the wall that asks you what the time is; you are asked whether the fish tank or the glass of water has more volume; and you can read a question off the desk, which comes complete with a chair.

How to Measure Everything is such a fun book. I suspect even I would have liked math if teachers used DK Books to explain the concepts they attempted to teach me.

A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for an honest review.
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