Pick one DK Book , they say.

Pick your absolute favourite DK Book and blog about it using #ILoveDK.

Does DK Books know how hard this challenge is?

While #ILoveDK may be a conversation starter, for me it’s a longtime fact – #IloveDK. I love their children’s titles and their adult books. I love their encyclopedias and their atlases. Their books are always easy to read, full of interesting information and beautiful – in pictures, illustrations and design.

So it hasn’t been easy for me to pick my favourite and I have been thinking about it for nearly a week.

I have flipped through all the DK Books on my bookshelves, thought about all the books I have bought as gifts and all the titles I have read to my nine year old.

I actually tried to encourage my son to answer the question of his all-time favourite DK Book but he declined and insisted he didn’t know which book is his favourite. (I suspect it is still Utterly Amazing Science, but that’s just my opinion.)

For me, I think I am going to have to again pick What Next? ($28) in the #IloveDK challenge. What Next? is a title blog readers will recognized as I have talked about it once or twice .

#ILoveDK and I love DK Books What Next? by Toronto resident and Canada's career guru Barbara Moses. What Next? is a career book for those who are wondering What Next? in their career life.
What Next?

I received this book last year, shortly after being laid off from my job as a copy editor/content creator at a community newspaper. I was honoured to be able to interview its author, Toronto‘s Barbara Moses, whose words, particularly her thoughts about a portfolio career, have stuck with me.

It’s likely the only DK Book I have read from start to finish in order. I have done all the exercises, highlighted a number of sections and learned so much about myself and this new world of employment.

It’s also the only book I highly recommend on a regular basis; just yesterday I suggested someone pick it up and I am directly responsible for one person buying it and I have given two copies away.

What Next? is a book for people at all stages in their careers. It’s a book that helps you figure out What Next? in your life so you have a fulfilling and happy career and, most importantly, life.

Do you want to participate in the #ILoveDK challenge?

What is your favourite DK Book? Share the title with the #ILoveDK hashtag on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to enter to win a a $250 DK shopping spree. Other than What Next? What would you buy if you won $250?