Santa’s Magic Key by Eric James ($26.65, Raincoast Books, Sourcebook Jabberwocky) is a beautifully illustrated book that tells us how Santa gets into houses on Christmas Eve that don’t have chimneys.

The book tells the story of a little boy who moves into a new house, realizes he doesn’t have a chimney and worries that Santa won’t be able to get in that Christmas Eve. He writes Santa a letter, but by the time he gets to the post office, it is closed. Upset Santa won’t find him, he wanders down the road, turns the corner and comes across a street he doesn’t remember seeing before. He goes into a toy shop and a kindly man, who adults will know is Santa, insists the boy’s letter will be delivered in time. The man sends the boy on his way, giving him his own red coat to stay warm. The boy discovers a beautiful key in the pocket of the coat and soon discovers the magic key solves his worries.

The story is magical, both in words and illustrations. And Santa is perfect, both in looks and his actions. I love the key that comes with the book, which is not heavy nor does it feel cheap and will look wonderful on my tree. And the book itself is beautiful – reds, golds and whites with a beautiful font and illustrations. A truly beautiful book for children just believing in the magic of Santa at Christmas.

A copy of this book was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.