Ah, everything is explained.

As I read Might Jack and the Goblin King graphic novel by Ben Hatke ($20.99, Raincoast Books, First Second), I felt as though I was missing something. I kept stopping to re-read the front flap, wondering if somehow I missed some key piece of information or if perhaps I was reading a sequel.

I was, although I didn’t actually figure that out until I looked it up just now. The first graphic novel is simply called Mighty Jack and it might of explained how Maddie, Jack’s sister, ended up being stolen by an ogre from another realm and how Jack knew Phelix (I love this dragon).

Despite the frustration I felt in missing information in this fantasy graphic novel, I still liked the book and still feel I can say I love everything I have read by Hatke (Little Robot and Nobody Likes a Goblin are the other two I have re-read over and over). I liked the story, I am a fantasy fan, and am looking forward to more in this series,  loved the characters, particularly Lily, who is strong, brave, loyal and kind, and absolutely loved the illustrations.

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A copy of this book was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.