While My Zero-Waste Kitchen, Easy ways to eat waste free ($12.99), by DK Books offers some fabulous suggestions on producing little to no waste, I am not convinced, personally, I would ever do it.

While I understand the importance of decreasing the amount of waste you produce – North Americans are a greedy bunch in all aspects of living – I am almost certain I will not be putting banana peels in my smoothies (nor bananas for that matter. I hate the taste of banana in a drink) nor will I be including carrot or beat tops in my muffins.

Because while I am all for not wasting food – only buying what I will eat and eating it before it turns into soup, and not the edible kind – I put a limit on what I will do including boiling squash trimmings, processing them and turning them into a puree to eat with fish. That doesn’t even sound appealing. And what’s more, isn’t that what your compost bin is for – getting rid of strawberry or carrot tops and watermelon rind so you don’t have to make it in a smoothie, pesto or stews?

But not all ideas are puzzling (or gross). Sauteing wilted greens for stir-fries and blending it into soups or smoothies is a great idea as is adding grated beets to a chocolate cake or brownies to add depth of flavour. And while I have grown green onions by putting the roots in water, I haven’t tried the lettuce. You’ll get instructions on how to re-grow lettuce in the Zero Waste Kitchen book.

I also like how each of the recipes featured – pesto, soup and hummus – offers you a basic recipe as well as three different recipes using the leftover ingredients in your fridge. The hummus, for example, can use leftover avocado, beans or old tomatoes. Other great tips in this book are six recipe ideas for leftover chicken, when to throw out fruits and vegetables, more tips on how to have a zero-waste kitchen and proper way to store food, among others.

I confess that while I did shake my head at a few of the suggestions, overall the book offered some great ways to use up that food you bought before it goes to waste.

A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for a honest review.                                       The opinions are my own.