I learned a lot about four animals and their annual migration while my son read me DK Readers’ Amazing Animal Journeys ($4.99, dk.com, by Liam O’Donnell).

The Reading Level 3 book included information about the journey of the caribou, monarch butterfly, gray whale and snow geese.

Each animal and its journey to its summer and winter grounds was about 10 pages long and included a variety of beautiful pictures. Each chapter also taught me something that made the featured creature’s trek even more amazing then it already is.

I didn’t realize, for example, the killer whale attacks and kills juvenile gray whales, and in fact lays in waits for them in what is known as Ambush Alley in Monterey Bay in California.

The monarch butterflies we see in Ontario at the end of August, the ones that fly in a straight direction (called directional flight) rather than fluttering back in forth, is the creature that is born in late summer and will travel to winter in Mexico.

What amazing creatures live on our planet, and what obstacles and dangers we are putting in their paths as noted by the final chapter titled Effects of Humans.

A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for a honest review.