I think my eight-year-old son perfectly summed up the reason DK Eyewitness Books are the best – “they are perfect for the car.”

I think he is absolutely correct.

We spend a lot of time in the car – both visiting family and going on road trips – and I always pack him a box of things to do – markers, pens and paper, an activity book, Lego and a selection of books both fiction and non-fiction. It’s the books about science and technology that usually pulls him in, and the car ride is filled with turning pages and interesting facts issued from the back seat.

Eyewitness books are paperback and thin, but full of information and great pictures, according to my guy. There is a main picture – a wall of water in the Hurricane & Tornado book, for example, or a lightening storm in the Energy book – and a number of smaller pictures that illustrates information presented on the page.

Learn about various types of energy in this DK Eyewitness Energy book
DK Eyewitness Energy

In the double page spread about the “Power of water” in the Energy book, for example, there is a an almost scary main picture of a hydroelectricity dam, with small pictures of tidal power with a paragraph describing what it is; a picture of a floating machine and information about what they do; and a thermal energy plant in Iceland that tells us the plant produces about 475 litres of near-boiling water every second. Amazing.

Lots of great information in DK Eyewitness Hurricane & Tornado book
DK Eyewitness Hurricane & Tornado

In the Hurricane & Tornado book, we can see what damage from an Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale tornado from zero to five looks like; see satellite pictures of an evolving hurricane as well as pictures from ice storms.

There is a lot of easily understood and shared information in these books, perfect for your next road trip.

Are you going any where this summer? What do you bring to keep the kids occupied?

A copy of these books were provided by DK Books for an honest review.