When I saw DK Books’ Super Cool Tech – Technology Invention Innovation ($30.99) , I thought my eight-year-old son would be all over it. It’s a silver book that looks like a laptop and opens like one. How cool is that? Apparently not cool enough – he thought it was a real laptop and when he realized it wasn’t, he wasn’t very interested in reading it.

That’s OK, it’s pulled me right in. I find the book and all the information within it fascinating, and super cool.

“Discover the mind-blowing high-tech inventions of the future,” reads the back of the book. “Incredible images reveal the secret inner workings of everything from drones and supercomputers to underwater hotels and flying cars.”

Mind-blowing it is. The book is divided into seven chapters, offering information on everything from “Play” with its 3D pens (amazing) and Instrument 1 (cool, but crazy. I can’t play one instrument well and this would allow you to play three different instruments on one. No thanks) to “Move” with information about a hoverboard (I think it might be fun) and Whill (a wheelchair that can go up stairs and allows its users to do so much more than they currently do).

Each double page spread offers pictures and lots of information on what the item is, how it works and what makes it super cool.

Humans imagination and ability to create and design astounds me. What a Super Cool book.

A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for an honest review.