The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond ($24.99, PGC Books, Pan MacMillian) is a perfect summer read – not intense, just a lovely story about three women and their new beginnings in a Regency house near the Brighton seafront.

There is Rosa, who leaves a successful job to start over as a sous chef; Georgie, who is carving out a new career in journalism after following her boyfriend to the area; and Charlotte, who suffered a devastating loss and just wants to keep her head down, but finds herself being pulled back into the world by Margot, the glamorous older lady on the top floor.

The ending is not surprising, but I loved how the three main women find themselves in Brighton, and how they rebuild their lives once they meet each other and remember to live again.

Margot is an amazing character, and one who deserves a story all of her own.

A copy of this book was provided by PGC Books for an honest review.