Author Danika Stone will write a guest post about Internet trolls

I am excited to be part of Raincoast Book’s Internet Famous blog tour to promote the latest release by Alberta author Danika Stone.

I am the third stop of the tour, which will see Stone write a guest post about Internet trolls on Book Time Wednesday, June 14.

Follow along with the book tour as it makes stops at the following blogs:

June 12:
June 13:
June 14: Book Time
June 15:
June 16:

Internet Famous ($15.99, Raincoast Books, Swoon Reads) follows the story of Internet sensation Madison Nakama, who pop-culture re-watch site has a massive following with fans across the world wait on her every post and tweet. And now Laurent, a fellow geek (and unfairly hot French exchange student), has started flirting with her in the comments section of her blog. But Laurent’s not the only one watching for Madi’s replies. Internet fame has a price, and their online romance sparks the unwanted attention of a troll. When Madi’s “real life” hits a rough patch, she feels her whole world crumbling. With Laurent’s support, can Madi rally her friends across the globe to beat the troll, or will he succeed in driving her away from everything – and everyone – she loves?