The Gold Leaf by Kirsten Hall ($24.31, PGC Books, Enchanted Lion Books) is a beautiful book – both in story and in illustrations by Montreal resident Matthew Forsythe.

The picture book sees a gold leaf appear in the forest (and a shiny one in the book itself). A squirrel notices the golf leaf first, but then all the forest animals see it – and want it – for themselves. In their struggle to possess it, the leaf is destroyed and the animals are heartbroken, wondering if they will ever see such a leaf again.

If people are looking for a book with a moral, this is the one. Humans do this all the time. They see something beautiful and feel they alone must own it and possess it, leaving nature destroyed in its path.

The end of this book is as beautiful as the rest of it, and hopefully humans take the message to heart.

A copy of this book was provided by PGC Books for an honest review.