Any book that asks #IsCanadaEvenReal? , then starts the pocket-sized book by ET Canada‘s J.C. Villamere ($15.99, Dundurn) with this country’s hobos, beginning with The Littlest Hobo, is book I want to read.

Beavers follows hobos with Round 3, 4 and a bonus round offering hip hop, weirdos – AKA Canada’s prime ministers – and mascots including Peter Puck and Bonhomme.

The book is full of Canadianism, most of which I didn’t know, which made it an interesting read. It was also a funny one, with the chapter titled The Beaver: Tittering Pervs Force Mag’s Name Changing making me laugh out loud, both from the information and Villamere’s delivery of it.

Each chapter ends with a quiz with more information proving to the world’s naysayers that Canada is indeed real, and there is more to us then canoeing, tobogganing, Drake and KD.

“Is Canada Even Real? examines the cultural factors behind the 21st century monolithic myth of Canada, a nation that is lovable and real – if only in the imagination,” says the back of the book. “J.C. Villamere, who knew how to drive a Ski-Doo by age eight, reminds you that your country is wise and weird, and you’re in charge of keeping it that way.”

A perfect book for this, Canada150.

A copy of this book was provided by Dundurn for a honest review.

And because I can – The Littlest Hobo: