I often wonder if I was brave enough to simply get in the car and drive, if I would have had the adventures sisters Hanna, Claire and Megan had in Road Signs That Say West (by Sylvia Gunnery, $14.95, Pajama Press).

That is not to say their adventures were far-fetched or unlikely, because they certainly were not, I just feel as though I am bit more like Megan – practical and responsible (but less grouchy) or Claire, up for adventure, but who likely wouldn’t do it on her own, then say Hanna, who is spontaneous and free spirited. Hanna is the sister who decides to take their mom’s car, pack up the tent and drive to Vancouver. She convinces the other two to come, telling them they would be back in Nova Scotia before their parents returned from Europe.

Along the way, you learn more about what happens to Hanna in Italy and at university, and the grief and guilt Claire feels about her friend’s suicide. You don’t learn a lot about Megan, who is facing anxiety over becoming an adult. Of all the characters, both main and secondary, I like Megan the least. Her stress and worry seems to bring out the worst in her, and she comes across as mean and unsympathetic. And not at all willing to take part in and embrace the adventures they have.