For a little book, DK’s Woodland and Forest ($11.99) is packed full of information.

From explaining what a forest is and where they can be found (they cover about a third of the Earth’s surface, and no two forests are alike) to the different types of forests in the world, including both the plants and animals that call these places home, this book is perfect to slip into your bag when you go exploring a forest this Earth Day or any other day.

I found the book incredibly interesting.

Deciduous forests are often dark, which is why many plants and flowers bloom in early spring before the trees have their leaves. A trillium, Ontario‘s official flower, is also called a wake-robin and First Nations people used to make medicines from its underground roots. Rainforests having living layers starting with the forest floor and ending with the emergents, the tallest trees. (There is also this really cool picture of a giant water lily, which can grow more than eight feet across. Amazing.)

Rainforests also produce 20 per cent of the oxygen we need to breathe as well as absorbing the greenhouse gases we produce. An interesting and sobering fact considering how much of the rainforest is being cut down.

As always, there are lots of pictures, tips of ways you can help and few crafts including making your own paper, which is surprisingly easy and really fun.

Happy Earth Day.

A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for a honest review.