Apparently going to the bathroom can wait – particularly if you are presented with an Utterly Amazing DK book.

This happened last night when my eight year old came home from school and I handed him Utterly Amazing Earth ($24.99, DK Books). This is the third in a series of four we have received from DK. We have Utterly Amazing Science and Utterly Amazing Human Body (science is his favourite) with the only outstanding book offering information about dinosaurs. I would say Utterly Amazing Science is one of the most read books in his growing library.

He has already read Utterly Amazing Earth from cover to cover, and his favourite parts – at least by how often he showed it to me and talked about the information – was the exploding volcano (pull tab) and the extreme weather (pop up). I found the earthquake section informative, albeit frightening, and there was a really amazing photo that shows the devastation of coastal erosion. Rocks, minerals and gemstones, caves (including a lava tube), and life on earth with a picture of Earth at night – and how much light humans generate – help make it a pretty fantastic book. As always, there are ideas for things you can do it home so you can learn what is being talked about in the book, diagrams and real photos.

A perfect book for Earth Day.

This book was provided by DK Books for a honest review