If I was completely honest, one the best things I like about author and illustrator’s Alex A.’s Super Agent Jon le Bon! ($12.95, Adventure Press) comic books is the fact the series was first created in French and then translated to English.

I am not certain why I care, we haven’t actually read the books in French yet, but I think it’s much like reading a book that is set in Ontario or even Canada – it’s nice to see yourself in stories and perhaps, more importantly, it’s great to celebrate your own.

But I am not one of those people who will simple like something because it’s Canadian – if it sucks, it sucks. Thankfully, Jon le Bon does not suck, and in fact the stories cracks us up.

In Super Agent Jon le Bon Time Travel Fridge (No. 5), Jon goes back in to 20,000 years ago – in a time traveling fridge of course – to save the president’s daughter, who was kidnapped by a hostile Entity. Along the way Jon speaks with dinosaurs, befriends a strange tribe of blue elephants and uses a Poke Ball – good stuff.

The illustrations are fun, the characters are great and the jokes are good for children and adults alike.

My eight-year-old son seems to enjoy them as well, at least I had to read No. 5 twice in a row and then re-read No. 1, The Brain of the Apocalypse (quite funny, but note, there is a magic destroying comment in this book. I skipped over it and then did something I have never done before in my life – I blacked out the words in case my son read the book himself).

We were super surprised, and pretty excited, when we opened up my son’s Chickadee magazine this morning, and discovered a Mini-Jon comic inside.