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February 2017

Scholastic Canada launches Reading Champion program to celebrate its 60th anniversary

Do you know someone who is a Reading Champion? To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Scholastic Canada launched its Scholastic Reading Champions program, a year-long campaign with a goal of finding and recognizing 60 Canadians who make a difference in children’s... Continue Reading →

Talking about Hana’s Suitcase – and the importance of “tolerance, respect and compassion”

It's a scary time we live in. Or perhaps it has always been scary, but thanks to the media, and online “journalism”, we constantly hear about it. And while I am all for going back into my box and not... Continue Reading →

Picture books about love just in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day isn't my favourite “holiday.” I once hosted an “I Hate Valentine's Day” contest and invited people to send in the reasons why they hated the day of love. Why do I dislike it? I think love should be... Continue Reading →

Liking-disliking Linda Moore’s The Fundy Vault by Vagrant Press

I had a like-dislike relationship with Linda Moore's The Fundy Vault (Vagrant Press, Nimbus Publishing, $19.99). I agreed with Motherlines author Patricia Reis, who said the Rosalind Mystery was a page turner. It certainly was. Despite being annoyed with a... Continue Reading →

Praising Natalie C. Anderson’s City of Saints & Thieves

City of Saints & Thieves (Penguin Teen, $24.99) reviewers were right; Natalie C. Anderson's - book was both fast-paced and nail biting. But beyond that, it was a rich, sad, hopeful story filled with characters who are good, good and... Continue Reading →

The Road to Ever After, An Unlikely Friendship – an Unforgettable Journey is a beautiful story with wonderful characters

The Road to Ever by Moira Young (Doubleday Canada, $21.99) is a beautiful story, and one I can't wait to read to my eight year old. Orphan Davy Davids is an absolutely beautiful and decent character. Despite a challenging background,... Continue Reading →

There once was a hedgehog, a horse, a wolf and a honeybee – picture books starring animals

I read something on Twitter recently that suggested we shouldn't rush our kids to stop reading picture books. I couldn't agree more. There are some truly beautiful picture books out there, including these four that star animals as their main... Continue Reading →

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