Bedtime stories are a big deal at our house. It doesn’t matter how late it is, there is always time for at least one story and it doesn’t take much convincing to make that two, three or five.

We have several more books to add to our bedtime story routine including The Land of Nod by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Robert Hunter ($25.95, Flying Eye Books, Publishers Group Canada).

The book was not what I was expecting. The story itself is short, and doesn’t really say much. The pictures make this book. The pictures – bright, colourful and larger-then-life – match the dream-like quality of The Land of Nod.


Noisy Night by Mac Barnett ($23.99, Roaring Brook Press, Raincoast Books) is a glance at what is happening on each floor of an apartment building at night. We start with a little boy in his pajamas, standing on his bed, looking at the ceiling and asking “What is going ‘la, la, la’ about my head?”. We turn the page to discover a man singing opera. The opera singer then asks about the noise he hears above him until we get to the top floor with a grouchy old man.

A neat concept, but one that makes me glad I do not live in apartment building. I wouldn’t want to hear the neighbours – and would feel badly if they heard me.


Laundry Day by Jessixa Bagley ($24.99, Roaring Brook Press, Raincoast Books) is a fun story about two brothers who decide to “help” their mom by hanging out the laundry – among other things.

If you can imagine two bored brothers “helping” do laundry, you can imagine where this funny book goes. The illustrations are super cute, and the situation is completely believable.


River Rose and the Magical Lullaby by Grammy Award-winning artist Kelly Clarkson ($23.99, HarperCollins) is a story about a little girl who climbs on magic balloons that whisk her away to the zoo where she plays with the animals. It’s cute enough and the illustrations are nice, but I didn’t love the book. My son said it was OK, although I suspect it’s likely a bit young for him.


A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum by David Cali ($17.99, ChronicleKids, Raincoast Books) is one of three we have read in this series. They are not my favourite stories in words or illustrations, but my son liked A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School. After reading this one, he said it was the weirdest one he has ever read.