I haven’t found my exercise passion yet.

I used to have one. It used to be swimming. I used to swim two laps per minute every day before work. And I loved it.

When I started working from home, I immediately got a swimming pass from my local pool. But my heart wasn’t in it. I realized that after commuting for 20 years and rushing out of the house each morning, I didn’t want to leave before dark or in bad weather, and I certainly wasn’t going to miss any more mornings with my son.

I started yoga last week at home. Sadly, there was a lot of groaning each time I attempted any pose that used my left side as I injured my lower back last month and it’s still not 100 per cent. And then there was a snowstorm on Friday, and I heard the crunch as I lifted another pile of snow. The thought of yoga right now makes me want to cry (so does sitting, but I digress).

So the best thing for me right now, I have realized, is something I can do from home, after my son goes to school, that doesn’t cost money.

And that is why #IloveDK. They, of course, have a book for that – Walking For Fitness, Make Step Count (Nina Borough, $18.95).

I received the book a couple of weeks ago and flipped through it and thought yes, this is something I can get into. It’s always nice to get outside. It’s not jogging, which I hate and, quite frankly, don’t understand (I don’t have the runner’s brain), and all it requires is a pair of shoes, although in my case it’s going to have to require a pair of boots as there is to much snow to be walking in summer footwear.

Have a started yet? No. Because I now understand, truly understand, what fitness people mean when they say you have to schedule in time to exercise. Because if you don’t, time flies away and suddenly it’s 8 p.m. and the only thing you want to do is relax on the couch and read a book.

So my new goal is to schedule in walking right after my son leaves for school.

And while parts of the book truly scare me – mainly the complicated math problem you have to do to figure out your stride – I figure I will just start moving, and the rest will come.

Because Walking For Fitness truly does cover everything you need to know about this form of exercise including the How Fit Are test, the start walking section, which includes everything you need to know – both in pictures, words and pull-out information – about power legs and arms, posture and breathing and putting it all together; stretching and strengthening; inner strength and outer power, with tips and advice for ensuring you get enough water, vitamins and minerals; and walking for you, which includes walking with kids, to loose weight and for charity. (Shameless self-promotion. We are walking for SickKids again!)

Whether power walking becomes my passion, I am not certain, but I am looking forward to getting outside and just moving.


A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for a honest review.