Valentine’s Day isn’t my favourite “holiday.”

I once hosted an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” contest and invited people to send in the reasons why they hated the day of love.

Why do I dislike it? I think love should be shown at all times of the year, not just on Feb. 14. I think expectations are too high and prices too expensive.

Do I participate? I do because it’s important to my eight year old. We decorate the house, I buy a bit of candy (perhaps more than a bit. I do love candy) and make a scavenger hunt to find it, serve up some pink pancakes and make heart-shaped cards.

And, of course, read books.

We received three new books about love this year.


XO, OX A Love Story by Adam Rex ($17.99, Roaring Brook Press, Raincoast Books) was a pretty funny book about an Ox who is in love with a celebrity Gazelle. Ox writes Gazelle a bunch of love letters, each time convincing Gazelle to, first of write a personal note, and then continue to write to encourage Ox to stop writing.

My son thought this book was hilarious, which surprised me. He liked it so much he asked me to read it again, and another time, this time making sure his dad was listening as well. Several days later, he told his cousin’s all about this Ox who just didn’t get that Gazelle didn’t like him. I thought Ox was pretty clever. I felt like he knew exactly what he was doing and was successful.


Love Is by Diane Adams ($21.99, Chronicle Kids, Raincoast Books) follows the story of a girl who finds a duckling, which she takes home and raises until she realizes, because she loves him so, she needs to let him go. A super cute story, with lovely illustrations and an ending that is wonderful, although likely not very realistic as much as I want it to be. A good lessons for moms and dads, too.


Before You by Rebecca Doughty ($20.95, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Raincoast Books) is a really cute book that compares a bunch of things to what life was like before one’s child was born. “I was a noodle without soup. Just a cone without a scoop. I was a bowl without a fish. A birthday cake without a wish.” That comparison resonated with my son as he mentioned later that having me was my wish so one of my wishes have already come true.


And no Valentine’s Day book list would be complete without the book called Here Comes Valentine’s Cat by Deborah Underwood ($21.99, Penguin Books). I love all the cat books, although this one might be my favourite. Cat feels the same way as I do about Valentine’s Day, and he writes the most funny cards ever. It’s a book you never tire of reading.

Copies of books provided by Raincoast Books and Penguin Canada for honest review.