I had a like-dislike relationship with Linda Moore’s The Fundy Vault (Vagrant Press, Nimbus Publishing, $19.99).

I agreed with Motherlines author Patricia Reis, who said the Rosalind Mystery was a page turner. It certainly was. Despite being annoyed with a few parts of the book, which I thought were too easy and a little too predictable, I wanted to keep reading, to figure out what was happening in the remote area of Nova Scotia.

Which is where the like-dislike came into play.

I actually stopped reading The Fundy Vault for a bit right at the beginning of the book when Rosalind, or Roz as she is also known, was abducted by two men who seemed to let her escape far too easily. I was also annoyed that Roz, a criminologist, who has been know to help out a private investigator friend, didn’t realize this one character she meets knew more about what was happening then he admitted.

There were a couple of other bits in the book that made me shake my head, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to read it and find out what happened to a woman found dead and floating on the waters of the outgoing tide.

Copy provided by Nimbus Publishing for honest review.