“The story of Adam and Liv is heartwarming and relatable, and with Lindsey’s (Kelk) trademark humour sparkling throughout, it will have you laughing out loud.”

This quote, found on the back the copy I received from HarperCollins of We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk ($16.99) is true – the book is completely relatable, with characters who have real flaws, the main one being miscommunication.

Adam and Liv have been a couple for many years. Liv hadn’t really considered marriage, but before going on a two-week vacation, she learns from her friend, and Adam’s sister-in-law, that Adam plans to propose to her during their time away. Unfortunately, for Liv – and, as it turns out, Adam – he waits until the last day to propose, but they actually never make it to the restaurant where the event is taking place because he misjudges how far they actually have to walk. They have a blow-up in, of all places, an airplane on their flight back, and when they get home Adam tells Liv he wants a break, and the miscommunication continues from there.

I found the book frustrating. As I said, it’s completely relatable. Liv spends her two weeks wondering when the proposal is going to come, and as such she never really enjoys herself due to anticipation. I get it. Adam has this perfect proposal all planned out, but reacts badly when there is a glitch in the plan. I can understand, particularly as, as he says later, he had to listen to Liv whine and complain the whole vacation, but still find it to be an odd reaction. And rather than talking about it, they say nothing is wrong. Both spend the last night alone, being angry, frustrated and disappointed. And that is when everything goes from bad to worst.

I understand Liv’s feelings. I get Adam’s. I get both their positions. I also understand that miscommunication is a very real thing, and happens in most people’s relationships. I just don’t want to read about it.