When DK Books invited me to participate in their #IloveDK campaign by blogging about my one favourite DK Books, I might have snorted. My eight year old said it best – “Just one? Can I pick two?”

Of course, I told him, I am planning to do the same.

I loved DK Books before I began a book blog. Their books are beautiful – full of information that is easy to read and interesting, beautiful photographs and glorious designs. From encyclopedias where you get pulled into various pieces of information to cookbooks with recipes that look – and taste – delicious.

So how do you pick your one favourite? If you are my son and I, you don’t, but you pick the two that you use, or go to, most often.

My picks


What Next?

I am in the process of finding a new career after almost 20 years at a community newspaper chain. In my research to find my next dream job, I was using DK’s Careers book. It’s pretty fantastic. It gives you information about a particular career – from science to fashion – the schooling you need for that particular position and what a job in that field would look like. In response to my tweet about the book, DK suggested I look at their latest book What Next? by Canada’s career guru Barbara Moses. DK kindly sent me a copy, and they are right. It’s an amazing book.

Moses’ insight into Canada’s job market is amazing and, for anyone in the process of looking for a job, sounds pretty dead-on.

Each chapter offers you information in paragraph form as well as sidebars and graphics, and there are lots of quizzes, which I love. Chapters including knowing yourself, finding your perfect path, finding great work as well as overcoming career challenges and boosting your career intelligence. As always, the book is beautifully laid out, informative and so very helpful.

What I have learned by reading and filling out the quizzes is that I am incredibly grateful to all of my bosses who trusted me enough to allow me to do what I do best – take an idea and run with it. All the jobs I loved – and I have had many – has lead me to to some amazing people and to where I am now. I am so thankful.


Complete Children’s Cookbook

While this cookbook is obviously for children, I think it might be one of my new favourite cookbooks. I received the book shortly before Christmas, and I made a number of recipes from it for our holiday meals. See the review of this book here .

The Star cookies were delicious, and might have been my favourite new recipe this year. I will be making them before next Christmas for sure. The ginger and pumpkin slices were delicious. The cake was moist – even after being in the freezer for a couple of weeks – and the taste was intense. If you don’t like gingerbread, you won’t like this cake. I also made the chocolate tart. Holy rich. I used two Cadbury milk chocolate bars. It would be really good with mint. I also made the lemon drizzle cake, which is the only recipe I haven’t liked so far. My brother-in-law, who doesn’t like sweets – I know weird – liked it, but the rest of us thought it was too plain – and not lemony enough. I would put lemon juice in the batter and not bother with the drizzle, but I am not a drizzle kind of person. The granola bars are good, and I want to make the granola as well.

Eight year old’s picks


Utterly Amazing Science

My eight-year-old son said DK books are perfect for the car. We drive a lot – we live far away from our families – so I often pack up a bin of toys and throw some books in there as well. DK Books always make the cut. My son will pick up a book and read it to me while we are driving (lucky guy does not get car sick).

His go-to car book is Utterly Amazing Sciences. His favourite parts within the book are “endless energy”, in particular the pop-up page that shows you where the most energy is being used in your house. I often get quizzed on how much each item uses (so you know, a coffee maker uses three bars out of five, while a phone charger only uses one). He also loves how much energy you have if you eat a chocolate cookie, chocolate milk or celery (your body gets less energy from celery than it uses digesting it.) He also loves “what goes up, particularly how fast things fall and how high can you jump on various planets) and the “shocking stuff” including lightening and static electricity.


The Incredible Math Games Book

His other favourite book is The Incredible Math Games Book, which has all you need to play a variety of games within its hard pages including four pieces and two dice. Games include using adding and subtraction, shapes, fractions and, my least favourite, multiplication. After story time is activity time at our house, and he often chooses this book, and the variety of games. While I am using my fingers, and giving up trying to do my time tables, he is using his math strategies, and skills, to come up with the answers. Yes, my eight year old is better at math then I am.

So we have given you our favourite DK Books. What are yours? Visit DK Book on facebook and let them know what your favourite book is. Make sure you use the hashtag #IloveDK  to be eligible for chance to win a $250 DK shopping spree, courtesy of DK Books. Those who post their favourite DK Book on Twitter with the same hashtag will also be eligible for a chance to win a $250 DK shopping spree.