I am having such a hard time writing a review for Rockets Versus Gravity by Toronto author Richard Scarsbrook (Dundurn), not because I didn’t like it – I loved it. I thought it was such an amazing book.

I started Rockets Versus Gravity before Christmas, took a reading break for the holidays, and picked it back up the moment I had some quiet time, and was pulled right back in. Each person’s story was so different and even though their moments to shine were brief, you came to understand them – and love or despise them.

I laughed out loud at some points (the Beaches/Beach part, and the comments that followed, was so perfect. Well done, Scarsbrook), and I loved all the Toronto references, although you certainly do not need to be a Torontonian to love and understand this book. It’s just always nice to see yourself, and areas you know so well, portrayed.

But what I loved most about this book was how it all came together, how all the characters were connected in some, which, as I see all the time, isn’t that unrealistic. I see another reading of Rockets Versus Gravity in my future.