I like winter, particularly when I don’t have to drive in it. And there is nothing like the first big dumping of snow of the season – everything is clean, white and beautiful. Last night we got about three inches of snow. We went out before first light to shovel the driveway, and I went back outside as the sun was just coming out, bathing the world in a pink glow.

To celebrate snow, I thought I would review three books sent to me by Raincoast Books. Please note that although the books are provided, the opinions are mine.


Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty cracks my seven-year-old son and I up, and Bad Kitty Does Not Like Snow made my guy laugh out loud. I loved that Bad Kitty – a mangy looking tuxedo cat – looks up what snow is using Foogle, and how Foogle gets what it deserves in the end. Don’t mess with Bad Kitty.


Anne Marie Pace’s Pigloo is a cute story about an explorer pig who is going to find the North Pole despite his sister, Paisley’s doubts. It’s a cute book, with lovely illustrations, about two pigs with wonderful imaginations.


My hands-down favourite of three books is Eric Pinder’s How to Build a Snow Bear. There is so much to love about this book from the story itself, to the illustrations and even the font. What I might like best about it, however, is the fact it’s based on Thomas and his little brother. It is so usual, at least from my experience, to have picture books about brother siblings, told from the perspective of an older brother. I love Thomas. What a great big brother.


Note: Raincoast Books also sent me Sandra Dallas’ A Quilt for Christmas (St. Martin’s). I will confess, I didn’t even give it a chance. It’s not my type of book.