I have a pile of books I want/need to read but they are going to have to wait. It’s November, Christmas is less than a month away and I am reading what I am always reading at this time of year – Christmas books.

Yes, I am one of those people who can read books over and over. I have re-read the Outlander series as often as a new book comes out, the same with Harry Potter with an extra read because I love it. I have read Twilight a number of times, and I am re-reading some of the books of my past as I have new ears to read it to.

And then there are Christmas books. These are the books that bring me into the Christmas spirit. You’ll notice that I am a little Richard Paul Evans heavy. I love Richard Paul Evans’ books. I don’t think I have read one I haven’t loved, or have read again.

I first discovered him when I picked up The Christmas Box at my local book store. I read it in one night and cried my eyes out. So sad, but so beautiful. Then one year, my brother gave my mom the trilogy. It brought sad to a whole new level. Every year I tell myself I am only going to read The Christmas Box because who needs that much sadness in their life, but each year I read the two other books that go along with it. Its so sad, but still beautiful.

Evans’ books follow the same theme – characters that find redemption. Evans himself says he is a huge fan of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for that very reason. Each of his books bring to life characters who are flawed, made bad choices – or had something bad happen to them – but all show they are worth being given a second chance.

The Christmas Cookie Club has sadness in it as well, lots of it, but you learn about these great woman, flawed, but human. Each chapter you learn more about an ingredient in a cookie, a recipe and the woman who is making the cookies from the perspective of the main character who is, herself, really interesting.

A Christmas Miracle is one book that I would usually not pick up. It’s three short stories written by three different romance writers. It might be because each book is set in the past, a time period I sometimes covet, but also because they are truly love stories with great strong women characters. At Christmas. How can you go wrong?

Last year’s Christmas book (I try to buy one each year. I picked up another Evans book this year, but I read it and lent it to my mom) is The Christmas Clock, another quick read about love, and not just between a man and woman. A beautiful story.

Do you have a Christmas book suggestion?